Setting Goals & Achieving Them

Setting Goals & Achieving Them

The Victory of Success is Half Won When One Gains the Habit of Setting and Achieving Goals.                   -Og Mandino

Setting goals for yourself is a very important step in creating the life you want, the life you long for. Starting with small daily goals is the easiest way to get yourself goal setting and goal achieving. To reach your goals, you must hold yourself accountable for them. It is also very important for the goals you set to actually be achievable AND have a deadline, otherwise you are just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. People have the illusion that a goal has to be the master plan for your life and you must complete it now, and that is just not the case, goals should be made and achieved to make you a better version of yourself for tomorrow.

Follow this “Smart” Goal Acronym:

S. – Specific

M. – Measurable

A. – Achievable

R. – Realistic

T. – Time based

A few examples of small daily goals you can start with are waking up earlier, working out 20 minutes a day, eating a healthy meal, leaving for work 5 minutes earlier than usual, etc. Once you have mastered creating small goals for yourself and achieving them, you can move on to larger goals.

Some larger goals could be saving $100 every paycheck and have $xx amount saved by xx/xx/xx, de-cluttering your home, cleaning out your closet, etc. The bar can be set as high as you want it to be set, want to set bigger goals for yourself? DO IT! These are just stepping stones to get you in the habit of setting the goal and then achieving the goal, all to often people have ideas, but never turn them into reality!

So what are you waiting for? Make a list and start TODAY!

Don’t Wait. The Time Will Never be Just Right.                                                           -Napoleon Hill


11 Replies to “Setting Goals & Achieving Them”

  1. I love making SMART goals, anything to keep me on track and motivated. I think the part about giving yourself a deadline is huge too. Or I might never get things done! Love the quotes too!

  2. Great read! The acronym SMART is well used here. It also is an easy reminder that the only person who stands in your way is you your self. Great read, great read!!

  3. I love this. To add to it, I read an article that talked about the 2-min task. If a task only takes two minutes, you should get it done right away, there’s no need to procrastinate because the longer you wait, the more likely it won’t get done.

    1. Yes! Another great way to save is the envelope method by Dave Ramsey! It will turn your life around!

  4. I sometimes struggle to use the s.m.a.r.t. Goals for private life as my goals are more idealistic than measurable. But you are right – smart goals aren’t just for the job.

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